Flying Animal Container: Bird Box, A Review

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Flying Animal Container: Bird Box, A Review

Bentley Hansen, Writer

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The basis of many memes, the movie that put Sandra Bullock on the map for most school-aged children, the reason why blindfolds are the new style for January 2019: Birdbox.


This movie starts out by using a nauseating amount of flash-forwards and flashbacks to not only confuse the watcher with the plot but give a headache as if one was riding a rollercoaster.


Bird Box starts with a family consisting of the main character, Mallory, and what is to be suspected as her two children who seem to not be over 8 years old.


After some confusing flashbacks to what was the beginning of the “apocalypse”, we learn that if one looks towards the creature, either on video or in real life, you become mysteriously inclined to commit a gruesome suicide.


The next series of events in this movie really feel as though they are being ripped-off by the hit 2018 horror movie, A Quiet Place which stars John Krasinski.


The premise of Bird Box is executed very poorly with a fast-paced plot that seems to not even understand itself in some places. Meshed with abnormal and choppy dialogue presented by the actors, the only difficulty the movie presents is finding one character that is likeable.


Characters either have little to no meaning within the plot or too much personality that it makes them seem more antagonistic than the actual evil.


I found it extremely difficult to keep my attention on the movie as some of the only good action scenes slowed to a halt, only leaving 3 minutes of filler dialogue to try to add depth to very lackluster characters.


When characters do get killed off in some scenes of the movie, it’s very hard to sympathize because of how bad the characters personality or relationships is built up.


In this day and age, with as much CGI and the great works that have been coming from blockbuster directors, why this horror movie seemed to flunk is beyond science itself.

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