Gender Neutral Bathrooms: A New Edition to Murray High

Bailey Williams and Joey Stuttsman

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Schools are evolving and progressing. Gender related issues are becoming more and more of an issue in front of the media, schools are now making gender neutral bathrooms which students, and teachers alike, think it’s a good idea.

“It’s a fantastic idea for everyone to just be themselves and it gives kids the idea to feel safe and not harassed,”Mrs. Syevens stated on the matter.  Most of the teachers agree that having a gender neutral bathroom is a good thing and that it has had a positive effect here at Murray High School.

Principal Scott Wihongi was the one who put the plan for the gender neutral bathrooms into the works in the first place. Mr. Wihongi verbalizes his reasoning for installing the bathroom into the school by saying, “Because of the gender issues that are going on we wanted to make a unisex bathroom in order to allow students to feel more comfortable about the bathrooms that they would like to use.”

Students were asked how they feel about the lock on the bathroom door, but they said that there isn’t one. Despite this startling response, a teacher did say that there was a passcode on the door. This information bringing another question to mind, should there or shouldn’t there be a lock on the door?

Mr. Wihongi said that though there is no actual lock on the outside, there is, however, one on the inside. It is a required safety precaution put in place for the chance that someone is trying to hurt themselves or someone else in the bathroom; thus allowing an administrator to unlock the door from the outside with the keycode and put a stop to whatever is going on.

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