Meet the Prince Charming Candidates: Diego Mayorga and Jackson Espey!

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Meet the Prince Charming Candidates: Diego Mayorga and Jackson Espey!

Brienna Haro, Editor

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To kick off the Prince Charming Countdown, The Spartan Sentinel will be doing mini features on the candidates.  This weeks feature will be on Diego Mayorga and Jackson Espey.

Prince Charming is all about finding the perfect guy to represent the men at Murray, and Diego considers himself to be the perfect match.  If he wins the title, Diego wishes to represent the diverse population at Murray.

If Diego could trade lives with any movie character it would have to be Mike O’Donnell from the movie 17 Again because this character gets to relive the social aspects of high school.  Diego loves to meet new people and make new friends, so this character definitely suits him.

This Prince Charming candidate has been going to Murray High since sophomore year.  He has been involved with Madrigals for all three years of his high school experience and has made a name for himself being the only sophomore that was involved with the performing group.

Diego Mayorga (Left) with fellow Prince Charming candidate Tyler DeMann (Right).

Jackson Espey is the most charming of the bunch with his classic wit and goofy personality.  He wants the judges to know that he is a sassy, super fly, and pretty chill man and is ready to have a good time during the Prince Charming assembly.  

His favorite part of Prince Charming is all the friendships he has made throughout the process. Jackson thinks that his toughest competition would have to be Griffin Bitton, Jackson states that “Griffin is by far the bravest out of all the candidates, he just goes for the dance moves and doesn’t think twice.”  All of the guys seem to have a close bond and have enjoyed dancing their hearts out together.

Along with Prince Charming, Jackson is also involved with Murray’s very own Spartan Vision Broadcasting channel.  There he makes videos, along with his fellow classmates, that inform the student body of current events going on around the school.  

Jackson has been described as a pretty sociable person and someone who makes sure that everyone has had a laugh or two. When asked who he would want to be with if they were the last people on earth, he said, “Brie Haro, Duh.” Jackson sure knows how to work his charm.

. Jackson Espey taking a break during dance practice.


Both of these guys are great candidates for Prince Charming and the judges will definitely have a lot of deliberating to do while judging these boys.  Stay tuned for more Prince Charming candidates!

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