Meet the Prince Charming Candidates: Hunter Riches, Tyler Shelton, and Sony Smith!

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Meet the Prince Charming Candidates: Hunter Riches, Tyler Shelton, and Sony Smith!

Brienna Haro, Co-Publisher

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Candidates Hunter Riches, Tyler Shelton and Sony Smith are very excited to show off their skills at the Prince Charming assembly and can’t wait to make all of the girls hearts swoon.  These boys have been really putting in the work to make sure everyone will be able to enjoy the assembly.

Prince Charming can be a big responsibility to represent all of the boys at Murray and Hunter Riches thinks he could do the best job.  Hunter wishes to serve and protect all of the girls at Murray.  If he could trade lives with any movie character it would have to be Chris Kyle in American Sniper.  He wants to be as brave and courageous as him and wants to protect the people he loves the most.

Hunter Riches Posing For All the Girls at Murray.

When asked why he wants to be Prince Charming he said “To take all of the girls at Murray out on a date” Hunter is a very charismatic candidate and the boys better watch out for his smooth moves.  

Tyler Shelton is probably the most adventurous candidate out of the bunch and wishes he could trade lives with none other than Indiana Jones.  He also wished to work for Nitro Circus when he was younger and still a little to this day.  Tyler is a young, wild, and free guy and all the ladies love him.

Tyler Shelton doing a flip to impress the girls.

When asked why he thought he would be nominated for this prestigious honor of representing the men at Murray, he had no words.  A fellow candidate, Noah Kearn, piped up and said “All the girls love Tyler” and I agree. Tyler is always very kind to the people around him and loves to make new friends.  

Tyler’s favorite part about Prince Charming is working hard with all of his friends.  The boys have been trying their hardest with the opening number and have really improved over time.  

Sony Smith is one of the more reserved candidates and he wants the judges to know that he is the strong silent type.  Sony feels comfortable around a smaller group of people but has no problem with breaking out of his shell in social settings.

Sony Smith taking a Break During Practice

If he could trade lives with any movie character he says he would like to be Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon.  Sony admires the way that Hiccup was able to bring everyone together and disregard the harsh connotations about the dragons.

Sony enjoyed “hanging with the broskis” and spending time with all of the M.A.G girls and Dance Company officers.  Sony thinks he was nominated because he has a friend on M.A.G and loves to be friends with the women of Murray. Surely he will see a friendly face in the crowd.  

Don’t forget to see these guys in the Prince Charming assembly this friday, and shout for your favorite candidates!

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