Meet the Prince Charming Candidates: Griffin Bitton, Jackson Rose, and Shayne Zullo!

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Meet the Prince Charming Candidates: Griffin Bitton, Jackson Rose, and Shayne Zullo!

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Prince Charming can be a lot of work.  From dance practice after school, practicing your talent, and getting your swimwear ready, there are countless hours needed to prep for the assembly and judging process.  However, candidates Griffin Bitton, Jackson Rose, and Shayne Zullo were ready to take on these tasks.

Griffin Bitton has been described by his fellow candidates as one of the biggest competitors for Prince Charming.  They all admire him for going full out on all of the dance moves and his talent portion.

Griffin Bitton Blowing a Kiss to All the Girls at Murray.

To describe his own life in one song, Griffin chose the song You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman because he loves meeting people and making new friends.  Griffin is involved with Student Government and is always doing something for the school.  

He thinks all students should feel like they are included and feels that this is the reason why he should be Prince Charming.  He wants the judges to know that he accepts all people and will make sure that everyone knows that they have a friend in him.

Jackson Rose is one of the more shy candidates and states he doesn’t mind if he’s not Prince Charming. He is just glad he got the opportunity to be a part of this school tradition.  He is known for his curly locks and thinks that’s why he was nominated to be one of the candidates.

Jackson Rose Showing the Other Candidates That He Means Business.

As a little boy his dream job would have to be the President of the United States. Jackson seems like he could be a good leader and give you a couple of laughs along the way.  

Jackson seems to be the underdog out of the candidates, but these boys better not underestimate his charismatic charm. 

To candidate Shayne Zullo, winning Prince Charming means so much more than just a title.  Not only was his sister a former Miss Murray, but his father also participated in Prince Charming.  He feels obligated to win Prince Charming so he can make his family proud.

Even though Shayne feels confident about his charming personality, he feels that Michael Durrant is his biggest competition.  He says, “Michael is the full package! He’s smart, very athletic, and he’s a great dancer.”

Shayne Zullo Trying to Find His Perfect Girl.

If Shayne could trade lives with any movie character it would have to be Harry Potter.  He states that he’s jealous not only of Harry’s powers but how he was able to spend time with Hermione Granger who was played by Emma Watson.  This candidate is definitely a ladies man, so the other boys are going to have to watch out.

These boys are sure to give the rest of the candidates a run for their money. Don’t forget to watch their talents at 7:50 am this Friday morning.  

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