Meet the Prince Charming Candidates: Michael Durrant, Ethan Larson, and Kelton Stock!

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Meet the Prince Charming Candidates: Michael Durrant, Ethan Larson, and Kelton Stock!

Brienna Haro, Co-Publisher

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Michael Durrant, Ethan Larson, and Kelton Stock are all candidates in this year’s Prince Charming Assembly and have been very excited to show off what they got.  This year’s assembly seems to have a pretty good lineup of Murray’s finest men so let’s see where these three measure up.

Michael Durrant is one of the sweetest guys at Murray. He tries to have fun with everyone he meets and is inclusive to every student.  To be Prince Charming would be fulfilling his true purpose on earth. Being nominated has been a blast for this candidate and he is here for a good time.  

Michael Durrant (Right) Hanging With His Fellow Candidates Diego Mayorga (Left) and Jackson Espey (Center).

If Michael could trade lives with any movie character he would like to be Kuzco from the Disney movie Emperor’s New Groove.  He mostly chose this movie because Kuzco gets turned into a Llama but also because he got to be an Emperor.  Will he get a taste of what this might be like if he gets crowned Prince Charming?

To describe his life, the song All Star by Smash Mouth came to mind.  Michael is a well known swimmer with Murray’s swim team and definitely swims like an all star so this song suits him well.  He has also made a name for himself; all the girls have to do a double take in the halls when they see him.

Ethan Larson has been a big competitor during the running for Prince Charming.  Most of the candidates say that everyone loves Ethan and that he will be the one to beat.  Ethan is involved in student government and enjoys being nice to his fellow students. If you see him in the halls you are always greeted with a smile or a fist bump.  

Ethan Working Hard To Make Sure His Solo Stands Out.

In his opinion, he would make the best Prince Charming because of his charms and luscious locks.  Ethan has always been a pretty confident guy and really stands out on stage during the opening dance number.  He is not afraid to take it to the next level and go all out.

Ethan says that if he could trade lives with any movie character it would have to be Stitch from Lilo and Stitch because he feels like he can really relate with the character.  He admits that at times he can have ADHD tendencies but in the end he always gets things done.  

Kelton Stock has always been a goofy guy and he really puts this to his advantage when it comes to Prince Charming.  However, his dance moves are stellar and could be described as graceful when it comes to the ballet section.

Kelton Stock (Left) Busting a Move with Candidate Noah Kearn (Center) and Tyler Shelton (Right).

Kelton says that being nominated for Prince Charming has been an honor and he was honestly very surprised.  His favorite part about being involved was hanging out with the M.A.G girls, Dance Company officers, and all the guys that are hanging in there with him.  

If any of the guys were his big competition he said it would have to be none other than Michael Durrant.  He says that Michael is a nice guy and a crazy cool person to be around.

Don’t forget to go to the assembly Friday morning to see the guys show off their charisma and talents.  

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