Meet the Prince Charming Candidates: Tyler Demann and Noah Kern!

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Meet the Prince Charming Candidates: Tyler Demann and Noah Kern!

Brienna Haro, Co-Publisher

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Prince Charming was this morning, February 15th, and the boys put on a good show. Candidates Tyler Demann and Noah Kearn are two boys who have had the most fun while preparing for this moment.

Today we were able to see none other than the man Tyler Demann crowned as Prince Charming.  

Tyler Demann was at first quiet and shy, but Prince Charming has helped him break out and show everyone just who he really is.

Tyler Demann Shaking It Off in the Dance Battle.

If Tyler was the last person on earth, the one person that he would want to be with him would be Taylor Swift. Tyler seems to be a big fan of Swift even picking her song You Belong With Me as the song to describe his life.

This candidate won the crowd and judges hearts by saying that his grandparents are his role models.  He said his grandmother is the sweetest woman and his grandpa taught him how to stand up for himself.  I wonder where he got his charm from?

His fellow candidate Noah Kern, was one of the more outgoing candidates and isn’t afraid to bust a move. His solo was definitely a sight to see and had pretty unique choreography.  

Noah Kern Leading the Pack During the High School Musical Portion of the Dance.

Noah said if he could be trade any lives with a movie character he would want to be Aladdin because he gets to spend the most time with Princess Jasmine.  Noah wanted to make sure that the girls at Murray knew he would treat him like a true Princess and wants to be a part of your world.

Noah’s favorite part of Prince Charming was seeing how bad everyone was at dancing.  Being able to improve from the beginning to the end was the highlight of the process.  The boys enjoyed every minute of it beside Jackson Rose who said his favorite part was when Symbria Lewis (Dance Company President) told the boys it was time to go home.

This years Prince Charming candidates did not disappoint, stay tuned for highlights of the assembly coming up next week.  

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