The Rise of Eric Thackeray

Nnenna Eke-Ukoh, Writer

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“My immediate thought was swimming was over,” senior swimmer, Eric Thackeray, replied when asked what was running through his mind when he broke his wrist.

Thackeray was almost through with the swimming season, qualifying for State in two different events, the 200 and 500 freestyle when he broke his wrist. Even though he wasn’t able to swim at State, he was on the sidelines cheering his teammates on. When he wasn’t busy with swimming, he played Jr. Jazz basketball. It’s great to do another sport during high school, however the risk of injury should be assumed. Playing basketball is how he broke his wrist. Thackeray advised others against doing extreme sports during the high school sports season, such as skiing and snowboarding. Thackeray mentioned that this was his biggest injury and the longest to heal. Previous injuries included breaking his collarbone in eighth grade due to a skiing accident, but it did not affect his Water Polo career.

He was an avid supporter of his teammates and his coach, Mr. Huff. Thackeray went to most practices and helped his coach to time his teammates. He also loved attending  JV region and Varsity region swim meets to support his team. According to this, the swimmer looks on the brighter side of things. Thackeray commented, “…just looking forward, not dwindling on something that sucks that happened or just not doing anything about it. But I realized that even if you have a bad thing happen…life goes on so you can continue to work hard in any way you can.” This is what he had learned from his injury. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. All you can do is try to be productive.

He was able to attend State last weekend with his swim team, which he couldn’t have been more excited for. Water Polo and swim have been doing phenomenal according to Thackeray’s response to his past achievements . The last two years, the Murray High Water Polo team, which included Thackeray, won the State Championship. He was also named onto the All-State team last year for Water Polo. Another major accomplishment that he is very proud of is the fact that he’s been on Varsity Swim since sophomore year and played Varsity Water Polo since freshman year.

He now spends his spare time reading books, hanging out with friends and doing his homework (previously, he didn’t do much homework because his right wrist hurt too much). We can all learn a thing or two from this. Thackeray will miss a couple games and a tournament of water polo, but he’ll be back and better than ever by polo season!