“You Are The Reason”

Madi Lowe and Rianna Thacker

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Junior Prom was held on Saturday, January 26th at the Utah State Capitol. The theme was “You Are the Reason,” a song by Calum Scott. The stunning Prom Queen was Selenay Flanigan and the handsome Prom King was Riley Shelton.


The night was full of good songs and hopefully good dance moves that could take the dance floor by storm. There was three slow dances to make the night even more special.


Before the promenade, several girls were worried they were going to trip down the stairs,  while the boys didn’t seem to be worried. Every couple looked amazing while they walked down the stairs, and no one tripped.  


After the promenade there was the  first dance, which is a daddy- daughter dance and mother-son dance. The first dance song was “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.

The prom queen and king danced to the song,“You are the Reason” by Calum Scott. As Selenay and Riley danced, it was like they were the only ones left on earth; everyone surrounded them as they danced and swayed left and right to the song.

By the end of the night, everyone was tired and had songs from the dance stuck in their head as they went home. As students went home after the dance, most had a night activity planned. Some couples headed over to a friend’s house to watch movies, one couple went on a romantic journey to eat vegan ice cream.