Commas, Apostrophes, and Music Notes

Charmayne Sam, Writer

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 Ms. Berry taught junior high school for four years and high school for sixteen years. Berry remembers her parents telling her that “she would play school in the basement.”

Besides teaching, Berry has taken up gardening. Her hobbies also include yoga and making blankets to donate to children’s hospitals. She would like to travel, but at the moment, that’s not possible.

Berry also dabbles in the musical realm as well. She has been taking five years worth of guitar lessons. For her 40th birthday, Berry decided to cross something off her bucket list, and learning guitar seemed to be a feasible task to conquer.  Despite all the practice and effort, Ms. Berry considers herself a beginner.

Berry had a courageous urge to start guitar playing. She was interested because most of the music she enjoys includes acoustic guitars. She thinks that it is something that you do not have to do well.  Playing the guitar serves as an outlet for her without being judged.

Music has always been apart of Ms. Berry’s life from a young age.  Berry played the flute from junior high school and throughout high school. Her mother was a piano teacher and taught her at age five. From her long history with music, she likes to share it with others.

However, her twelve to thirteen year old dog thinks otherwise about the house music. “Every time I play the guitar he just gives me a look before leaving the room,” said Berry.

Even though Ms. Berry is an English teacher, she is more than narratives, vocabulary terms, and literary devices combined, she is an aspiring guitarist.  

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