Murray Dances Coming Up!

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Murray Dances Coming Up!

Brienna Haro, Co-Publisher

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Murray, get your dancing shoes on because we have a busy week coming up!

On April 12th and 13th, there will be two dances hosted by Latinos in Action (LIA) and the Men of Sparta (MOS).  

Latinos in Action’s dance will be on Friday the 12th and it will be a semi-formal girl’s choice dance.  The theme will be “Bajo la Misma Luna” which translates to “Under the Same Moon”.

The theme is a nod to the movie Bajo la Misma Luna, which is about a young boy who is trying to get back to his mother who is working illegally in the United States.  It’s a beautiful story as well as a tear-jerker and has an underlying message of love.

The tickets at this dance will be sold at the door for $8 for a couple and $8 for a single ticket.  Come support Latinos in Action at this dance and have some fun while you’re at it.

At the dance there will be food provided by Mrs. V’s taco truck and there will be great Latin hits as well as the usual school dance classics.  

Men of Sparta will be hosting a “Neon” dance on Saturday the 13th.  Tickets will be $10 for a couple and $5 for a single.  This dance is the second to last boy’s choice and has an underlying theme of “Cheapskates”. This means that couples should try to spend $20 or less on the entire date. 

Next week will definitely be a busy week for Murray students but will be full of fun.

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