ESports Week 4 and 5

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ESports Week 4 and 5

Alex Hillard, Writer

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ESports Week Four and Five

Overwatch, Rocket League, League of Legends, Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The 5 teams are now halfway through the season, and so far most teams are doing well.

Overwatch has played two more matches, after the third week. With another (0-2) loss in week four, and a win by forfeit in week five. Making their overall record (1-3-1)(Win-Loss-Bye/Tie)

Rocket League has played their fourth and fifth week match. With another win (3-1) in Week Four and they had a win in Week Five, because their opponents forfeited the match. Rocket League is finishing this week with a (4-1) record overall.

After a (1-1-1) record our League of Legends team took a loss in week four due to scheduling errors between team captains. In Week Five the team lost their match with a score of (0-2). This has been a rough time for the League team but the season isn’t over for them yet. With their score at the end of this week being (1-3-1) like Overwatch.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team is a solo base of scoring so players are independent from each other. Only 1 player remains undefeated at the end of Week Four, Daniel “Danoman47” Hart. Total scores for each week of smash are Week Four, (5-5) making for a close week, and Week Five, had a score of (6-4) making for another close week.

Our Fortnite team has fallen through, with little leadership and very little energy being put in by the team members. Both players stopped reporting scores and the team is no longer playing making the season over for our Fortnite team.

At the end of the fifth week of the season the teams don’t look as strong as before but for the most apart we are still playing well.  Spartans, stay Spartan Strong.

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