Chris Thompson Says Work Ethic is Necessary for Success

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Chris Thompson Says Work Ethic is Necessary for Success

Helen Sullivan, Editor

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Finding teenagers who are dedicated to their work as much as their school and social life are a dime in a dozen; however Christopher Thompson is an exception.

Thompson was elected as the Skills USA President and promoted to shift lead at Get Air, all while maintaining a healthy social life and a 3.9 GPA.

For many families, hard work is the baseline for any great achievement . According to Thompson, both his parents are amazing examples of how hard work and dedication is exceptionally rewarding.  “My household values are a result of my work ethic,” Thompson explained, “I was raised to try your best and to be a hard worker instead of giving up something because you don’t want to do it.”

At a young age, Thompson realized the only way to make it in the career field he wants is to learn the value of hard work, however, like many jobs, it’s not always so perfect and glamorous. “My job keeps me from doing what I want, especially when I work eight hour shifts the whole weekend. It’s nice to have money and independence but sometimes it’s hard when I can’t get work off to go on trips with my family or hangout with friends.”

While many teenagers would turn their nose up when they discover how they have been scheduled thirty hours on their weekends, Thompson sees it as a positive and overlooks these adversities:, “It’s a privilege to have a job. It allows me to pay for car insurance and skateboards. While it takes away from fun times with friends, it gives me money.”

When Thompson isn’t saving the lives of young children by guarding their lives at the trampoline park , he loves to spend quality time with his friends and family; whether that’s going on a hike, snowboarding, skateboarding, or even building houses with his Skills USA team.

“Work ethic is necessary to have success in life. You need to be determined, have a positive attitude, and a want to succeed.   Showing these qualities early in life will help make you a better person and show that you are the best option for jobs and careers. Be the best you can be and never doubt yourself if you put forth your best.”

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