The Man of Many Talents

Charles Vargas, Murray High senior, culinary guru.

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The Man of Many Talents

Karrie Norton, Editor

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Charles Vargas. A Murray High senior, newly enlisted officer of the U.S. Army, and passionate culinary student. This soon to be Murray graduate has had a full plate this year and looks to only keep it going.
Vargas was a team member of both the 2017-2018 & 2018-2019 ProStart competition teams and helped this year’s team get to the State Competition. He’s been an active member of the ProStart class for both his junior and senior year, spending a lot of his time in the kitchens in room 123 here at Murray. He plans to pursue a career in the culinary field and is signed up to be in the culinary program at SLCC in the upcoming fall semester, having his first year fully paid for with the CTE scholarship & award. When asked about the scholarship Charles said, “Honestly, I wouldn’t see myself with this scholarship if I didn’t take prostart […] the amount of improvement I’ve made surprises chef Gray. ”
His creative mind and dedicated personality have helped him with creating unique flavor profiles that have shown through varying menu items that the ProStart class has served for their catering events and team menu. “What motivates me to learn more is knowing more skills that can enhance a plate, and being able to show others new skills that I have learned and show them how to create a dish that you will remember,” said Vargas.
He’s known to be one of the first to be there and one of the last to leave, always making sure things are done right and that whoever needs help and whatever must happen, happens. His reliability and motivation have made him a strong leader in and out of the classroom.
When asked about what drives him toward the food industry, he explained, “I love it when someone compliments me about the great work I’ve put into a dish that I dedicated so much time into. The most wonderful feeling I’ve felt in a kitchen is seeing what I can create… seeing how things come together”.
“I work with food because it’s something we consume each day for our survival and it’s important to be able to define who you are in a plate,” and although this determined student is a pillar of Chef Gray’s class, many students don’t exactly know him. They don’t know how he ensures his classmates are doing okay, how his sense of humor can lighten a room (or make everyone’s eyes roll simultaneously), or just how many hours he has spent at the school putting in work for not a single penny; this student is exemplary, balancing work, school, extracurriculars, and more.
So even though he may not be recognized throughout the school, his teachers and his friends know just how great Charles Vargas is.

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