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Saffa Hamadi is a senior, graduating as a member of the class of 2019, and she couldn’t be any more excited.

Like many incoming college freshman, she is taking the Salt Lake Community College route. She will complete her general education classes at SLCC, then she will transfer to a four year institution.

Hamadi doesn’t know where yet, but she is sure she will get her bachelor’s degree. She is not very specific in her major, but she would absolutely love to major in the health sciences.

Currently, Hamadi is a Certified Nursing Assistant at Rocky Mountain Care and she sees herself still as a CNA for the next two years.

Hamadi absolutely loved the culture of Murray High School. The diversity gives her reasons to come back to Murray High and she feels very comfortable with all her peers.

She doesn’t have a favorite teacher, but that’s because all her teachers have been good to her, always teaching her something, whether it is through their lessons, or personal life. Her advice for the youngbloods here is to take lots of concurrent enrollment if they want to go to a Utah college.

Hamadi made an outstanding comment, “Stand up for yourself as well because when people don’t, it is easy for others to walk over you.” Saying that success comes from hard work and determination and in order to get that, you must throw yourself into it, not letting others push you towards a goal you are not into.

**Saffa Hamadi Not Pictured**

Much like Saffa Hamadi, senior Marquis Jackson shares the same excitement for what’s to come in his future.  

Senior Marquis Jackson had a great high school experience. Like anyone else he had some struggles along the way that he was able to overcome.

Jackson has applied to two different schools such as Salt Lake Community College and Southern Utah University. He wants to become a sports broadcaster in the near future.

“It was hard to choose a school and compare the programs. Just going through site after site”, Jackson explained about the process of choosing schools.

His career path changed from when he was younger, for he wanted to be a cop or a doctor. However, when Jackson would watch sports he knew that, that’s what he wanted to do.

Marquis is someone who always makes you laugh in the halls and has a natural talent for being a person people enjoy listening to.  Dean Acosta is another senior who has a talent but is much different that comedy.

Marquis Jackson

Dean Acosta is a very talented person in the music field. He can play a wide array of instruments, that being guitar, bass guitar, drums, trumpet, tuba, and little bit of piano.

With all this musical talent he plans to pursue a Doctorate of Musical Arts at San Diego State. From there, Dean plans to write music and even start his own band, playing “Pretty much anything,” as he says.

Although Dean graduated early, he may surprise us all on graduation day. Good luck in the road ahead, and make sure you change the world of music my friend.

Dean Acosta

Helen Sullivan is also a senior and well known for being one of the kindest people you will meet at Murray.  She has been involved with the school’s peer leadership team for two years and has loved getting to know more people and have the opportunity to be involved with the school.  

She will be going to Utah State University to study human development and family studies.  Sullivan wants to help families and people in general who have a hard time communicating with one another.  Helen says she has gone through something similar with her family until sophomore year and hopes that she can work on her communication skills while helping others.

Helen Sullivan


Logan Powell is a student at Murray High that will be graduating with the 2019 Senior Class, his future is bright as he leaves the hallways of Murray. Salt lake community college is where he will be starting his freshman year to study business and receive generals. After getting his Associates Logan will be transferring to Utah State to finish up. Logan talked about being surrounded by business and quite enjoys it after his whole family has gone into something business. He also added that it pays pretty good, which is bonus, also talked about how his group of friends have been the most help these past years, mainly Daxton Nelison and Elise Hutchison. As we finish up this year, Logan, like most seniors, are excited and nervous for what’s ahead and to end this chapter in their lives.

*Logan Powell is not pictured*


With graduation just around the corner, most graduates have already decided on what to do after high school ends, it is no different for senior Brooke Christensen. Brooke is moving to Provo and attending BYU this fall. She is hoping to major in either Recreational Therapy, or Biotechnology. Brooke has made a lot of friends during her 3 years hear, and has made a difference in many people’s lives. “I am sad to be leaving, I’m going to miss everyone I’ve grown up with, but I’m also excited to start a new chapter in my life and experience new things.”

*Brooke Christensen is not pictured*