Murray wrestlers excited for start of season

Rachel WIlcox, Writer

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Just days away from the start of the season, Murray High wrestlers are working hard to have a successful year and are eager to get started. Many have been practicing every morning since the beginning of the school year and others were even conditioning over the summer.

Wrestling requires a lot of dedication, and with conditioning at six in the morning, Men’s Athletics, and practice every day after school, Murray wrestlers definitely have it.

“Our goal every single day is just to get better,” says captain Tyler Sparks. Other goals the team has are to place in every tournament and get fifth or better at the state tournament this year.

Captains Adam Stringham, Conway Christensen, and Tyler Sparks are excited and optimistic for this season. This season will be different as they are bringing more kids in and they are “not going to be the underdog this year,” says Sparks, “Teams look at us now and they expect us to do well so we’ve got to prove ourselves every day.”

“I have nothing left to lose my last year. I’m going to give it all I’ve got,” says Stringham, a senior this year.  Christensen is focusing on his technique and is excited that the team has more and better wrestlers this year.

One of those wrestlers is Isaac Orrock, a new 106 freshman who Sparks says is “going to surprise a lot of people.”

A lot of this excitement also comes from a successful showing in Freakshow, a national tournament held in Las Vegas that some members of the team went to. There was a lot of great matches won, proving that Murray wrestling can hold their own on a national level. With such a promising start, it will be exciting to see how far the team will go this year.