Meme Monday

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Meme Monday

Colin Lofgren, Writer

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Meme Monday marked the first day of Spirit Week at Murray High School. Many dressed up as people from their favorite memes, Vines, and TikTok’s.

As it turns out, most people weren’t after the most current memes for this Monday. Just so long as as the meme wasn’t too old and was recognizable.

Alyssa McDonald, a junior at Murray, dressed up as Dwayne Johnson, AKA, The Rock. Surprisingly, there was a large group of people who had the same idea. All of them got to know each other better due to a common interest.

English 11 teacher Ms. Cindy Berry dressed up as Arthur the aardvark. She instantly gained 1,000,000% increase in popularity with the perfect meme. A recognizable meme and not too old to be disregarded as dead- she hit the perfect middle.

“I don’t understand memes,” Ms. Berry mentioned, “so I had some students explain it to me.” She watched vines of other schools in order to understand more about memes and how she should dress up. All in all, it only took her half an hour to make the costume.

The overall consensus for memes that are too old seem to be around 2016 or 2018. Anything beyond those years was acceptable on Monday.

Bongo Cat for example, is a current enough meme for Murray. However, the Success Kid and the Distracted Boyfriend meme are just too old.