Catch the Spirit

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Catch the Spirit

Kalhan Sparks, Writer

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Spirit Week is not new to Murray High School. In fact, it has been a tradition for years, used to bring a sense of pride to the school and the people inside it. Every year, the halls of MHS are saturated with decor, and by the end of the week, there is an assembly where competitions are held. Each day of Spirit Week has a different category of ensemble for those who would like to participate. The categories picked for each day of the week this year consist of: Meme Day, Decades Day, Pink Day, Twin Day, and Class Colors on the last day. 

Points are given to each of the classes who participate, (sophomores, juniors, seniors and teachers) and at the end of the week, the points are then added up to reveal the winning class. So in the end, it is participation that matters more than anything.

Ms. Tomlinson, special education teacher, says, “I participate because the more included students are, the more likely they are to graduate.” Senior student, Daniela Rubio-Alverado says, “I participated because it’s my last year of high school, so why not enjoy it and participate.” “I did it because I wanted an excuse to wear pink,” says Junior student, Emma Erickson.

A popular belief among the people of MHS is that the seniors rig the competition. English teacher, Ms. LaFortune says, “Seniors have a long tradition of winning, but it’s always cool when there’s an upset and another grade wins. This makes it seem like school spirit isn’t just for the top-dog, or oldest in the school. I also love how teachers are involved this year because I’d love Murray High’s culture to get even stronger and be more of a community.”

History teacher Ms. Hogan agrees when she says, “Though the results were determined before-hand (as the sun does set), all who were there knew the true winners. And that was enough.”

On that same note, Gavin Swann, a participant in the team of juniors for the lip sync battle says, “Yeah, I felt a little cheesed that the seniors won. I mean I know it’s rigged every year, and the juniors didn’t put in a lot of effort, but I really think that the teachers should have won this year.”

Alex Bunker, junior says, “The teachers should have won, because they seemed to put in the most effort. They all wore the same shirt, had props prepared, and decorated their doors. Besides, it would’ve felt less rigged if some group besides the seniors won. Like the underdog.”

Ravi Kaur, junior student body officer, is on the other side of the spectrum when she states, “Student gov. Is proud of the seniors for winning fair and square. We started preparing months in advance, and a lot of us stayed after school hours working… Everyone had their part to play, from working on posters, to organizing and approving each game itself. We put our all into it to give the students, and staff the best experience possible.” 

This year is different in the aspect that there is more student and teacher involvement than there has been in years. Teachers were invited by Ms. Martin, Mrs. Wayman, and Ms. DeShazo to participate painted in purple (their class color).

DeShazo, the vice principal is convinced the teachers are going to win this year, “Well of course the teachers are going to win, we taught you everything you know.”

Ms. Martin, the automotive teacher says, the objective of spirit week is to, “Rise, and get everyone united as one.” Mrs. Wayman and Ms. Rydalch were mostly in charge of promotion, which is where the door decor for the teachers came from.

Each door incorporated the color purple and something that had to do with Spirit Week. At the assembly on Friday, it was announced that LaFortune had the most superior door in the competition with her MacBeth inspired door stating “Fair is foul and foul is fair…by the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” Beware the teachers at Spirit Bowl! 

After the assembly, there was talk about the obvious advantages that were given to the seniors, and how the teachers were the obvious winners of most of the competitions. The divisions in which the staff/students competed were: clay sculpting/canvas art, chariot racing, lip sync battles, dodgeball, questions by subject, and tug ‘o war. 

Mrs. Wayman says, “It’s been great building strong relationships with the staff.” She says this because the faculty at MHS, in addition to the students, put a lot of time into preparing for Spirit Week, and the assembly to make it as successful as it was.

Mrs. Binggeli says, “It builds a sense of pride in our school, to feel like we belong, to feel attachment to a community.” There is a mutual feeling of accomplishment in the sense that the goal of coming together as a community, and leading a spirited week has come to a close.

A quote from junior, John Serrano perfectly sums up the week: “To me, Spirit Week stands as a solitary week dedicated to acknowledging the simultaneous brilliance and beauty that Murray students so perfectly capture and exemplify. Pride is love, love is good, and spirit week is a strong representation of the communal love at Murray.”