How AISU Students Have Handled The Transition To Murray High

Miller Molina, Writer

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American International School of Utah (AISU) a school that used to operate in the building where the Fun Dome was also known as the 49th Street Galleria, is now closed after only being open for five years  after owing over $400,000 to the state. 


That they were unable to repay because AISU did not have the funds to pay their debt, so AISU decided to shut down, forcing all students to look for a new school to attend.


Alec Degooyer is at his first year at Murray High. Degooyer attended AISU for five years.When asked about AISU he commented, “I didn’t like AISU academically wise, I didn’t really learn anything, but AISU’s environment and the people there were amazing and made AISU overall a great experience.” 


When Degooyer found out AISU was closing he said, “I didn’t really care when I first found out, since I was leaving AISU whether it was closing or not. I just was just sad about all the memories I had there and all my friends that I might not see again.”


“I  like Murray so far, the teachers are awesome and the environment of the school is just amazing.”


He feels as if hes have transitioned pretty well, because he got good grades 1st term. He feels like he’s learning so much more at Murray. AISU and Murray are different AISU has three trimesters for the year instead of four terms like Murray does. 


AISU also has this thing called “Intensives” which is a class you have for two weeks at the end of the trimester and you got to go on so many field trips.

“Intensives were my favorite part about AISU and I wish Murray had intensives” said Degooyer.


Hannah Grant, Junior at Murray also attended AISU. Hannah Grant attended AISU for one year,  the last year AISU was open. 


Grant says,“ I liked AISU because the classes were pretty easy and the teachers were really nice. There wasn’t a lot of students at AISU, so the hallways were not crowded and you knew everybody. When I found out AISU was closing I was really scared because I didn’t want to lose all the people I cared about and I don’t really like public school and I didn’t want to go back to another public school.”


She was really scared to be at Murray in the beginning but after a week she realized Murray wasn’t that bad.

“It’s not as easy as AISU, but I definitely learn more at Murray then AISU. I got good grades in my first term at Murray, so I think I have had a good transition.”


Grant also mentioned she wished Murray had short days on Friday like AISU or just or a shorter day because 30 minutes shorter on Wednesay is nothing. She also wished Murray had a less strict dress code.