Mrs. Binggeli FInds Purpose


Kalhan Sparks, Writer

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As many may already know, Haley Binggeli is the teacher of a plethora of math classes at Murray High School. She constantly goes out of her way to help her students in the best way she sees fit. Mrs. Binggeli is no newbie in the teaching profession, and as of this year, she has been teaching for 17 years. Twelve of those years, Murray High has been fortunate enough to have her.

Binggeli is passionate about a lot of things, but her “Three crazy kids” take the cake.

“Second, my students.”

She says, “I started out in engineering and architecture, and realized that I didn’t like physics, chemistry or art, but I liked math, I liked history, and I realized that I liked having a positive impact on a group of kids. Teaching was the best fit.” 

 “I am a very hardworking, genuine person who cares about people, and wants what’s best for people.”  Mrs. Binggeli expresses the importance of education and hard work, and she strives to inspire students with that in mind always because it gives her purpose.

 “I need purpose everyday, that’s why I come to school.”

She says, “I try to be positive, and I build relationships with kids, and they know that I care… I hope.” 

This math teacher is more than just a math teacher, she is an inspiration to her students and her fellow faculty. She has all of the qualities of a good teacher. She is generous, kind, patient, she has a good work ethic, and she is an encouraging leader.  

In getting to know more about this hero, Mrs. Binggeli, she states, “My part time job as a college student was working special projects for Utah State Historical Society. I worked in the basement of the Rio Grande train station, and IT. IS. HAUNTED.”  

As a basketball lover, Mrs. Binggeli enjoys going to U of U men’s basketball games with her family.  “I played basketball, and I agree that women should have equal opportunities in sports, but I guess I am a little hypocritical because per-tradition, my family has always gone to Utah men’s games.” 

It is obvious that Mrs. Binggeli deserves this schools love and respect. Everyday, she exemplifies the MHS moto, S.P.A.R (Serve, participate, achieve, respect.)

 That is why this article has brought her into the spotlight, to give her the recognition she warrants.