2017-2018 Staff

Nate Brown


Skyrim, which is the fifth installment of “The Elder Scrolls” series, was remade for Nintendo’s newest console, The Nintendo Switch. Here is my review of it.   By in large the game’s mechanics are the same ...

Sara Shober

Staff Writer

Heyo! My name is Sara and I am a Junior. I love the idea that I only have a year left of high school before I go off to college. I currently play basketball, softball, volleyball, and golf. I'm actually a really fun person to...

Nate Brown


I am a huge fan of music and movies. Some of my favorite bands include Metallica, Queen, and Led Zeppelin. My favorite directors are Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton, and Quentin Tarantino.

Madi Lowe


Hi! I'm Madi Lowe and I am a sophomore. I play first base for the Murray softball team and I have been playing softball for twelve years. I love dogs and I also love Mexican food so hit me up with good Mexican places. I'm from...

Brienna Haro


Hey!  My name is Brienna Haro and I'm a Junior this year.  I love to dance and my favorite styles include tap, jazz, and modern.  I also enjoy writing in my free time, mostly poetry but I am starting my own blog this year. ...

Kyler Simmons


A skeleton walks into a bar and orders a rootbeer and a mop.

Christian Cox


I'm a student at Murray High School, and the third biggest Utah rapper on Apple Music and Spotify. I enjoy taking pictures, buying clothes that fit into the category of "street wear," and exercising. I strive to be a  good person...

Mallory Buist


Whaddup I'm Mallory. I'm 18. I do love working here. It's just we have a lot of laughs. I wanna be a cowboy. When there's too much drama at school all you gotta do is walk a waaaaaaaaaaayy. CAN I GET A HOI YA???? Twitter:...